Lydia Steeves Seminar
May 18 and 19
WE have voted and here are the projects for the seminar
May 18 will be: Knysna the elephant in colored pencil
May 19 will be: Little Bun Bun the bunny in acrylic.
Cost is $65 for each class. $130 for both.
Non-members are welcome.
Click here for the Registration form
May 18 -  Knysna the elephant in colored pencil
In 2017, I was very lucky to travel to South Africa where
I was surrounded by inspiration.
Here I have gone past the obvious skin color of
grey/brown and added the warm yellow sunshine and the
cool tones of shade to give drama and interest.
May 19  -  Little Bun Bun the bunny in acrylic
Lydia is looking forward to seeing what type of surfaces we
choose from our stash for Little Bun Bun.
She’d originally designed him as a small novelty puzzle piece.
Of course you may enlarge or shrink the line drawing.
Additional information with registration to follow.
Surface preparation will be required before classes.
Instructions will be sent upon registration.