February 20, 2021     
Zoom class

Original pattern by Donna Hodson
Taught by Ann Davis

This is a Donna Hodson piece with a spring theme of tulips and
dogwoods.  She uses spring colors and it is done in two sizes.  
My original is on an 8 x 10 canvas board but there is also
instructions and pattern for a 7 x 14 canvas but you can put it
on any surface you choose.  It would even be a great spring
yard flag painted on roclon.

When you sign up for the class I will email you the pattern
pack with complete instructions, patterns, and paints.  I will
also include the prep you will need to do if we want to finish
this piece.  I’m estimating that this piece would take about 4
hours to do and we will take a break at least once.  Also it will
be recorded so if you can’t stay for the entire class you can
finish later with instructions.

Please email me at ah.davis@verizon.net if you want to take
this class.  Also please put February paint in on the subject
line so I know you are asking about  or signing up for the class.
The Beauty of Spring