February 22, 2020
Paint In
Date: Saturday February 22
Time 9AM - 1PM
Where: Providence Community Center
What: Battenburg Lace

designed by Frony Ritter
From “Eggs for All Seasons”
Teacher Kathy Bacskay

Surface - Surfaces of your choice
We will paint at least 2 in class, probably 3.

Small Goose Egg, 4 1/4” tall,  Bear With Us,

item 0959, $5.00
Egg Cutout with Bow, 3 1/4” tall,  Bear with Us,

item 2944, $1.50.
4 1/2” paper mache egg, but I’m not sure

it would be smooth enough.  
Cupboard Distributing (cdwood) Item 27-0041.

I don’t recommend enlarging the designs too much, or they
won’t look like stitched cloth.

You’ll need brushes for small details and line work.
I used a #1 round, a 5/0 script liner and a 5/0 short liner.
Bring a small flat (#4 or #6) to base the dark areas and
optionally a 1/4” angle for shading.
I used a #3 round to base the dark area of the blue egg.

Bring - Tracings, white & grey graphite paper,
large & small styluses, palette knife, usual supplies.
All paints listed are DecoArt. (see colors below)

Do the usual prep for your chosen surfaces, then basecoat
using a large brush. The color should be opaque (2 coats or
The base colors are indicated by an asterisk (*).

If you don’t have a particular color, a close color will do.
After the base coats are dry, trace the patterns onto the
surfaces. Don’t trace the cross-hatching lines on, but do trace
everything else. For the comma strokes I put a line down the
center and a small arc where the stroke’s head will be. For the
very thin crescents, I put a single line down the center.
That’s it, no other prep needed!

See you in class! Kathy Bacskay
CONTACT: Ann Gibbons at a_gibbons@verizon.net..
Paint for Blue Egg
Blue Haze Light or
* Light French Blue
(or use French Grey Blue +
Snow White 1:1)
French Grey Blue
Grey Sky
Snow White
Paints for Pink Egg
White + Mauve 4:1
Burgundy Wine
Snow White
Paints for Yellow-Green Egg
Shale Green
Light Avocado
Plantation Pine
Green Tea
Snow White
Paints for Blue-Green Egg
Green Mist
Forest Green
Black Forest Green