September 21, 2019
Meeting Project
September 21, 2019
Time: 9AM
Where: Providence
Community Center
3001 Vaden Dr.
Fairfax, VA.22031
What: Grapes (a Ros Stalcup
Teacher: Kathy Bacskay
Class Fee: $6.50 for pattern
packet (if you have one of
Ros Stalcup's books that
includes a grapes design, you
don't have to buy the packet.
(Gran's Workbook, and
several of the Gran's Garden
Surface of your choice
Paint colors (DecoArt) :Titanium white, Dioxazine purple,
Orchid, Boysenberry pink, True blue, Burgundy wine, Dark
chocolate, Mint julip, Olive green, Avocado ,Baby blue and

Brushes: You’ll need a #12 flat, a medium liner, and angles -
1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4”

Prep instructions:
> Sand and seal, then base with Evergreen
> Trace on basic outlines and the center vein of leaves.
(Rearrange as needed to fit your surface.)

Bring a practice worksheet (base coated cardboard or poster
board) and bring the base color. You'll need enough
space to paint 3 or 4 leaves and a few individual grapes.

Bear with Us has a large tag with square top, #3133. One
with rounded top is 2639. Did not see one with a
stand. They also have larger tavern boards for about $5
CONTACT: Bobbie Draves at or
Ann Gibbons at to register.