February 23 Paint In
Watercolor Rose
Note the change in date.  Not our regular weekend.
Beginner project- Watercolor Rose

Teacher: Bj. Grey

No Class Fee (If you want me to make up a paint palette and 9X12
paper for you $3)  I will email you the pattern packet for you to
print out. It is my own pattern packet.

Supplies:  Watercolor paints- Alizarin Crimson ( or your favorite
red),  Sap Green (or your favorite green),  Cobalt Blue ( or your
favorite blue)

Brushes:   2 round brushes with a sharp point.  If you don't have
brushes and you need to buy some, you don't need to spend lots
on brushes.  Cheap brushes like "Simply Simmons" work well...
size 6 or 8 or 10...whatever you have or can find.   If it has a
sharp point it can do tiny areas as well as bigger areas with the
different pressure you use.

Surface: 9X12 Watercolor paper (will fit an 8X10 mat) –
whatever size you need if you are changing the size of the line

2 water containers. Your acrylic water basin will work since it
has 2 wells.

Paper towels and a palette for mixing paint- plastic or foam plate
works well.

graphite paper and a ball point pen (red works best so you can
easily see where you have traced) to transfer the pattern onto
your watercolor paper.