May Meeting Project
Date: Saturday, May 20 2017
Teacher: Lorraine Lasch
Project: The Christmas Tree By Kathi Phalon
Location: Providence Community Center
Time: 10:00am
Cost: NONE
Supplies: Regular Painting Supplies

Paints: (Not provided) DELTA: Burnt Umber; Hammered
Iron; Ivory; Black, Hippo Gray; White; Lichen Gray;
Timberline. If you want to use American I have given you a
paint conversion in the newsletter.

I did my piece on a 5-1/2 inch lid.. The brown in the picture is
my kitchen table. In the book, it shows that
there is blue in the sky and on the snow, but there is not any
blue in this piece. If you want blue in your piece, I
would probably use Americana Blue Grey Mist as that is in the
conversion for one of the colors. Please make
this piece your own. Enlarge the pattern or make it smaller,
whatever you want.

PREP: Base your piece with Ivory. When dry do a wash with
Hippo Gray plus a tad of Ivory over the entire
piece. When dry transfer design to your piece, using a light
Pattern is in the newsletter

To Register contact: Bobbie Draves at 301-540-7613 0r e-mail