Date: Saturday January 21,2017
Teacher: Mary Steingesser
Project: Spring Tag by Laurie Speltz
Location: Providence Community Center
Time: 10:00am
Class Fee: $3.00
A $7.50 check made payable to NCC of SDP to reserve a space
in class is required.
Bring: Regular painting supplies
CONTACT: Ann Gibbons (703)709-1456 e-mail:    to register.

DecoArt Americana Acrylics (provided): Antique Maroon, Blue
Harbor, Fawn, Foliage Green, French Vanilla, Hauser Medium
Green, Lamp Black, Lemonade, Snow White, Terra Coral,
Uniform Blue

Suggested Brushes: Liner, Small dry brush, #2 filbert, ¼”
angle shader

Optional: Black Ultra Fine Sharpie

Surface of your choice (Example came from Viking
Woodcrafts. Cabin Crafters also has tags).

Prep instructions: Seal and sand surface. Basecoat with Lamp
Black. Spatter with Snow White. Transfer the rectangle
designs. Basecoat the top rectangle with Blue Harbor and the
bottom rectangle with Foliage Green. If you’re using scotch
tape to keep sharp, straight lines, use a craft knife and a ruler
to lightly cut through and remove the tape on inside corners
or edges.
Transfer the rest of the design. I transferred the top 2/3 items
first, which are the items in the blue and green boxes. Then I
moved the tracing paper up a smidge to transfer the bottom
part of the design to ensure that I could see it when the tag is
in the holder. Basecoat the word “Welcome” with Lamp Black
and “Spring” with Blue Harbor.
See you in class!

If you want the line drawing for this project contact:
Ann Gibbons (703)709-1456 e-mail:
January Meeting Project
January 21, 2017