Sleigh Ride Ornament
by Betty Caithness

DATE:  February 20, 2016
TEACHER:  Sandy Scales
PROJECT:  Sleigh Ride Ornament
LOCATION:  Providence Community Center  
3001 Vaden Drive,
Fairfax, VA 22031 Phone number 703-865-0520.

TIME:  10:00 AM

REGISTER: A $7.50 check payable to NCC of NSTDP must
accompany registration to offset cost of classroom rentals.

SUPPLY FEE: $3.00 (make checks payable to Sandy Scales),
Includes pattern, photo, instructions.

BRING:  Basecoated surface, normal painting supplies
NOTE: Some of you may need to bring "mag eyes" or other
magnification tools to paint this small ornament.

SURFACE:  Make checks payable to Sandy Scales for $9.95
for Rebecca Baer ornament or bring you own round ornament
or surface of choice measuring at least 2 ¾” diameter.  You can
also order your own ornament from Rebecca Baer.  Notify
Sandy No Later Than Jan 8th if you would like her to order
your ornament which will be delivered to you at the January
Chapter meeting.

#6, #8 or #10 Filbert
Small good rounds, liners and flats
#6 McNaughton Pro Round Stippler or similar for dry brushing

PAINTS (DecoArt Americana):  Will be provided

BEFORE CLASS PREP: Basecoat ornament with at least two
coats of DecoArt Eggshell, lightly sanded in between costs. I
basecoated both sides of my ornament.  Basecoat should be
opaque.  If not, apply a third coat.  Only trace on the
following:  sleigh, runners, outline of the tree and the
packages… no bows or ribbon yet.  Basecoat sleigh with
DecoArt’sTitanium Snow White.

Contact:  Ann Gibbons, (703) 709 1456, email: